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[[Category:Anleitung zur Software]]
Installation of the software for OptiCan products.
#Go to the offical OBD Tuning website (www.obd-tuning.de)<br>
#Click on the OBD Tuning GmbH button. <br>
#Select Downloads in the submenu. <br>
#Download the following data. <br>
#* OptiCan Installer <br>
#* Driver <br>
#* the best thing is if you save the downloaded data on your desktop so you can easily find it again. <br>
# Go to the control panel. you can find it if you press on the home button <br>
# now select System. <br>
# now press on hardware and select the device manager. <br>
# press the + at USB Controller <br>
# now connect your device to the computer. <br>
# now another menu point should be available. Please right click this new menu point <br>
# now you have to press the update driver button <br>
# the hardwareupdate assistant will open itself and then you have to select following things <br>
# No <br>
# Install from a list or a specific location <br>
# Don't search, I will choose the driver to install <br>
# Continue <br>
#* continue with the installation. <br>
#* go to where you have saved the data and select the 32bit or 64bit version. <br>
#* press on complete <br>
# Now open the OptiCan Installer Data which you downloaded.  <br>
# Select the menu point Flasher and press the button Update/Install  <br>
# Now you have installed the Flasher and you just have to press on the red car Icon on your desktop to start the application <br>

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